• Let me take you to our mirror factory

    some mirrors Today, I will take you to our mirror factory. Our factory is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, China. Our company produces various specification float glass mirrors, thickness from ultra-thin ...
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  • Let me take you to our bend rocking chair factory having a tour

    The details Today, let me take you to visit the producing factory of our bend rocking chair. Including the wood selection part, the frame part, the paint color part, and the production of the upper seat cover part, the sponge is also used as ...
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  • A very meaningful IKEA learning activity

    Comfortable and warm home atmosphere IKEA provides a wide range of beautiful and practical household items that ordinary people can afford. The model room style it creates is in line with the aesthetics and needs of young people. This is wort...
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  • It is our value to provide high-quality and low-cost household products to the public.

      It is our value concept to provide the public with a wide range of beautiful and practical furniture products. Yamason Furniture Furniture Co., Ltd. will go out to visit and study every month, this time I went to IKEA.   IKEA can be summed up in a few words in everyone...
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  • Take you to visit IKEA furniture company

    Yesterday, the company organized a visit to the global furniture company IKEA. First of all, in terms of geographical location, from the highway under the viaduct, on the right hand side, we saw its factory building. The yellow and blue contrasting colors are difficult t...
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  • Our company has visited IKEA to learn their furnitures’ design and matches on last Saturday

    Hello, this is Niki! How are you going today? Our company has visited IKEA last Saturday on 23th October 2021. The circumstance of it is very comfortable. Let me show you our visit from the outside of IKEA. From here, we entered into IKEA.  There are many people visiting IKEA at the same time. F...
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  • Furniture showroom and workshop processing of the Yamasen furniture brand

    Today we went to the newly built furniture showroom and gave a brief introduction to our new furniture. The Nordic style solid wood furniture is fresh and elegant in style, whether it is a dining table, a bed, a bar chair, a coffee table, a storage folding wine cabinet, ...
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  • New product development-Dining chair

    Dining Chair The backrest is ergonomically designed and comfortable to lean on, relieving the pressure on the waist. The chair cushion is made of linen, which is comfortable and breathable, has good resilience, and is not tired after sitting...
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  • New custom shoe cabinet

    Shoe Cabinet This #shoe cabinet at the door is more than just a shoe cabinet. It can also be used as a shelf, and you can put your personal belongings, such as mobile phones, such as keys after entering the door. In addition, this #shoe cabinet also comes wit...
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  • 5 New Products-TV Stand Cabinet

    TV Stand Cabinet Today I will take you to see our 5 new products-TV cabinets,they are all made of MDF, very simple and convenient, and easy to install. The following picture shows our 5 new products   ...
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  • Yamazonhome New Surfboard

    Our new surfboard is online recently! Everyone is welcome to buy! We all know that surfing is a sport that mobilizes the muscles of the whole body. It is full of speed and passion. Surfing has many benefits, relax the mood, link stress, exercise, and enjoy the body and...
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  • New product recommendation-bed

    Recently, our factory has introduced some new products, mainly Japanese-style tatami mats. These beds are made up of lockers. In addition, they can also be matched with pedals, desks, bookcases, wardrobes, and so on. What kind of combination you can match, if your ...
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